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PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN 2019 Thumbless Gloves Fit to Fight®


Fit to Fight® Thumbless Bag Gloves from Revgear through their Triumph United line

These are the newest edition of our gloves which were previously printed in black, white, and grey. They will fit the same as previous editions and are expected to arrive and ship to you just in time for Christmas!

Leather Bag Gloves: Sizes Small - XL

Product Features

  • Suitable for use on the speed bag, heavy bag, double-end bag, or focus mitts

  • Leather Bag Gloves are comfortable and durable

  • Inner grip bar helps with clenching tight fists

  • Extra-long wrist wrap offers the ultimate in support

  • Cut, open thumb hole for heavy bag work, light sparring, and grappling

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