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Fit to Fight® Enhanced Survivability | Weapon Defenses DVD


This is the first official collaboration between Funker Tactical and Fit to Fight®!  


In this DVD, Fit to Fight® co-founder, Ryan Hoover, and the Fit to Fight® team take us inside the "lab" and expose us to the latest principles and concepts in this constantly evolving system:


Ø  warm up drills functional for fighting

Ø  basic personal weapon (combative) training

Ø  principles and concepts for dealing with attacks and/or threats involving:

  •  handgun
  • edged-weapon
  • long gun
  • blunt object

Ø  technique options for dealing with such attacks and threats

Ø  introduction to stress-inducing drills to further enhance survivability in the event of a violent encounter


While this DVD demonstrates a wide range of techniques, principals and training options, the ultimate goal is to introduce the viewer to the Fit to Fight® "way" of training.  The DVD is meant to be a training resource but not replace hands on training.


NOTE:  the entire DVD (except for the intro) was shot in a single take.  Our goal is to demonstrate that fighting will never be "this then that" or "all you have to do is" or "this foot should be at that angle".