Level 1 Videos

I Go To Work - Basic

This is the basic version of an explosive movement drill that incorporates putting shots on target and appropriate ready positions. More can be added to this as you progress through the course.

Source – https://vimeo.com/289017920/be59097fc8

Smack That

A basic to intermediate level drill, depending on your drill, that incorporates a power slap, to striking, to weapon access and shooting form appropriate positions.

Source – https://vimeo.com/289019103/7c2914bf24

It's Tricky

An intermediate level drill that incorporates clinch fighting or another explosive type movement then transitions to shooting at certain targets.

Source – https://vimeo.com/289005449/f3f3a1b54e

The Way You Move

On instructors call, students with transition between shooting positions. Can add other variables to make this more advanced.

Source – https://vimeo.com/289005155/03eec05fd7

I Go To Work - Advanced

This is an example of how to make the original "I Go To Work" drill more advanced. This version incorporates shooting positions and a tactical reload.

Source – https://vimeo.com/288999140/d9ccfefa57

Can't C Me

An advanced drill utilizing cover/concealment, striking, firearms and manipulation, along with shooting position and cadence of shots.

Source – https://vimeo.com/289004488/88679042db


Regulate is a drill that involves the whole class with one person in the drill. It is best near the end of the course as it incorporates maneuvering a crowd, muzzle awareness, and 3rd party with navigation.

Source – https://vimeo.com/288998767/0507b97180

99 Problems

This drill is similar to a "Shark Tank" where one person is in the middle and other participants attack when their number is called. This is a more advanced drill for later in the course.

Source – https://vimeo.com/288999495/bb1a3af3c0