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Hard Ready III: Oct 5th-7th | Charlotte, NC

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Hard Ready is BACK AGAIN for another INCREDIBLE experience October 5th - 7th, 2018!
(Previous Hard Ready courses are NOT a pre-req. This course is open to all!)

Tentative Hours (subject to change): 
Friday 9am-3pm
Saturday 7am-5pm
Sunday 8am-2pm

This 3 day event will be taught by SWAT officers, former SF members, MMA fighters, DT trainers, and more.  Drawing from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Russian martial arts, and Kali, the material will run the gamut, from weapons defense and retention, close quarters fighting, subject control, use of knife as a backup weapon, ground fighting, emotional toughness development, active killer response, and more. 

The instructors scheduled to appear travel the world teaching civilians, LEOs, and military units.  Several have written for Recoil, Offgrid, and Skillset, along with having authored multiple books on self-defense and fighting.


Armen Vladimirovich - Russian Combat Response
✓ From Nizhnaya Staryaya
✓ Served 7 years tier 2 Unit in the desantnik
✓ Another 4 years working private contracting
✓ Lives in Arden NC
✓ Began martial arts training at 8
✓ Has a bachelors in political and military science
Rapid Combat Response: An incorporation of Russian military combat arts, Escrima and PTK, and Greco-Roman and Russian Street boxing

Amber Staklinski - Fight Space
Learn to leverage the space between strikes to make your combos count.
Fit to Fight® 2nd degree Black Belt
SPARology instructor
BJJ purple belt.

Matt Mescan - Judo
2nd Degree Judo Black Belt
Royce Gracie Brown Belt
former SWAT member
DT instructor

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